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Michael: Guitar and Vocals Alexander: Cello
Ralf: Bongo/Konga Christina: Violin
Oliver: Bass Garvin: Drums

We are some friends and send some breezy sounds around the world.

Perhaps we can colour the world a bit by means of some slowmotion and Swellwy Indie elements, ... if ....



In the USA "Moonscreen Records" (Little Prints) has released a Glaring Surge single. Furthermore in the States: we can as well be found on the "Just for a Day" Compilation CD. You can hear us e.g. on the "Birth Of The True" Compilation CD (Japan), on the "25 Silver Jubilee", "Everything Went Pop" Compilation CDs of "Meller Welle" (Germany). Moreover e.g. on the "Zoéphile" CD Compl. of " Z & Zoé Records" (France), the "Calling At Duke Street" Compilation LP/7" (D),

the "From Out Of Nowhere" Compl. CD (UK),

the "Because We Care" Compilation (Vol. 2+3) of the band "Fragile" (England) and also on compilations in Scotland, Spain, Italy ... An EP called "Downpour" was as well released in the UK.



We run our own little label called Alphyen Viwit (e.g. Breeze Compilation with releases of a. o. the "Saving Graces" or "The Shining Hour" (UK) etc. and zine). We are organizers of the "St. Vit Open Air Festival", (Our guests were - among others - the "Fat Tulips", U.K., "Panda Hop", France, etc.).



Here are some mp3-files for downloading:

Unreleased Dreams (part)
Winter (part)
Today ... Please Part 1 (part)
Colour My Days (part)
Scream Within (part)
The Grass On Your Grave (part)

For further info (e.g. concert dates, new releases etc.) simply address to -

Glaring Surge
c/o Michael Witlake
Schalückstr. 120
D - 33332 Gütersloh, Germany
Telefax: 05241-59354

E-Mail: 650505mw@arcor.de




- Tapes, Compilations, 7", EP, Glaring Surge T-Shirts, Videoclip available - 
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